Saturday, October 11, 2008

... (titles are not my strong point)

Welcome to my (and Bridget’s) blog! Have a glass of water and go sit in the corner until I decide what to do with you. (Wait—that’s not a very nice way to treat people, especially not people who are actually reading anything I post….)
*Ahem* Welcome to my blog! Have a seat, if you please. Would you prefer water, soda, or tea? (We regret to inform you that we do not at the present moment offer coffee…)

I decided to get a blog for the rather unoriginal reason that everyone else had one. And I wanted somewhere besides a diary I never write in to record my random, brilliant, meaningful—in fact, profound—thoughts. At first, I was considering doing it alone, but then I decided it would be much more interesting to do it with someone else, especially if that someone else happens to be my evil twin.

Soo... perhaps I should explain the title. Whenever Bridget and I are talking on the phone, there are inevitably a few long silences, whether because we’re both laughing too hard to say anything, let alone breathe, or because we’ve laughed ourselves out of our sanity and are taking a moment to regain our minds, or simply because neither can think of anything to say. When the last happens, one of us comments “Random, profound silence.” That developed into “Random profound silence in which both evil twins contemplate the meaning of the universe/the meaning of life/whatever. (I’m usually the one who says it, though Bridget was the one to first say “Random, profound silence.”) Then (this was the first time) I shouted, “Got it! I understand it all now!” and Bridget was like, “And in under 12 seconds, too. I’m impressed.”

So that’s kind of where we (I can’t remember which it was…) got “random, profound thoughts” from.

Oh, nearly forgot—I’m supposed to say something about myself. =P Can’t remember my mother’s maiden name or social security number or phone number or home address or last name (or first name, for that matter) or what city/state/country/universe I live in… Sorry, stalkers, you’ll have to go stalk Bridget instead.(All right, I’ll be serious now…) I love reading, writing, horses, and my friends, and, of course, laughing. And you, my dear readers, had better love laughing too, or else you will be very disappointed in this blog (though we will occasionally be serious. But not very often).

And last, a final word from our sponsors--Don't say more, say Mordor!


Kitty Cat said...

Yae, the first post! *skips around happily*

Angel_Horses said...

Now I shall start randomly pm'ing people so they can come read it!!! :)

Lady Merilwen said...

Lanta and Bridget.... *laughs* You are too funny! I think I shall seriously and randomly enjoy this evil blog. =)

Delaney said...

Oh, this is going to be fun. You'd better not forget to post on here, because I'm going to be following this blog with great interest. :D

Kitty Cat said...

People!!!! Yay, people! There's people here!! *hugs people*

Angel_Horses said...

Yay! People!!!! Lady Rose, you have THREE accounts????
Delaney--it's Bridget's turn to post :) If she forgets, I shall *cough* *evil smile* remind her!