Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On the most random and profound subject of nicknames...

Hmm, I nearly posted the latest scene from my main story instead of my latest blost. Whoops! :P

Well, my dear readers, it has been far too long since my last blost, and so it is that I find myself sitting once again before a blank screen and attempting to form my deepest, most profound thoughts into words.

And I hope you appriciate all the trouble I go through to bring you this latest blost!(J/k :P)

So, since my last blost, a considerable amount of people have been given a nickname for the first time, or given an additional nickname, and I myself have recieved several nicknames. So, my dear readers, out of the kindness of my heart, I have chosen to bring to you, despite all the hardships it has and will cause me, an updated List of Nicknames.

Bridget = Twinny; twiplet; Briddy; Briddy-bird; evil-weevil-tweevil (this last one is an old one, but I'd *shocked gasp* forgotten it...)

Grace = Gracey-wacey; fuzzy-wuzzy-cuzzy; (My) Koala bear

Ella = (My) Eel; The Precious; fuzzy-wuzzy-cuzzy; Froggy-woggy; Cinderella; Cindereel;

MJ = Liver; chopped liver; MJaezy-waezy

Rachel = Sting ray; stingy-wingy

Vicki = Jellyfish (but she didn't like it, even after I explained that it was a compliment); Vicki-wicki; (which led naturally to) (my) candle; Vickia; Vicksters

Lizzy = (My) blow-torch; Lizzy-wizzy-tizzy-fizzy

Delaney = Deyla (after seeing Ella call her Dayla, so it wasn't really my own invention =P);
Trippy (short for triplet, not because she trips a lot :P); (My) Crocodile (Loooong story =P)

Zirka = Zorg; Embress Zorg, queen of the borgs
(Now for a few that I'd just plain forgotten as well as a few new ones :P)

Mirkwood = Mirky-murk (or just plain Mirky)

Scarletwolfgirl/Hatsuane Miku/Vampanda/Snowolfgirl (I think the last one is her current username, anyway :P) = Hatty-hat; Vampy-vamp/Vampy-wamp/Vampy-wampy (I know, she needs ANOTHER new nickname to go along with her new username...what an inconsiderate daughter I have :P)

Ana = Ana Banana; Ana Banana the foolish Panda (Ah, the strange and insulting nicknames you get for daring to chat with me...hahahaha :P)

Elena (I thought this one up for her a looong time ago, but I only told her it recently :P) = Mommy Tsunami

Cormariae & Christi (Lady Christina) = Twiggles (singular--twiggle. Hehehehe :P)

Lady Cathryn = Rinny-ryn, Catbath

LADY ROSE (FINALLY! Hehehe :P) = Roselle; (my) Rosette

And noooow...for the nicknames people have given ME:

(insert drumroll)

Ella to me: Lanta Claus; Lanta Baby (and I think she called me Lanty once, but I begged her not to again, and she hasn't, so I won't count it :P)

Vicki to me: Firefly

Lizzy to me: Firework (because I just "explode in happiness and weird moods." Hehehe! Love ya, Lizzy! :-D)

MJ to me: Lanta Banta

Grace to me: Sarry-warry (*gags*)

Zirka to me: Wufey (she thinks it's hilarious how I tell people I wufey them...she says it sounds like a puppy dog barking :P)

Bridget to me: Sawa; Thawa (Bridget, honey, a bit more imagination, please? Kidding, kidding.... PLEASE? :P)

Ana to me: Lanti (now you see the reason for MY nickname to HER :P)

Rose to me: Starburst (Because (word for word): "It's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of you... Bright, shiny, wonderful Lanta." Awww. I love you too, Rose :-D)

Aaaand--that's it. Now, why am I getting this weird inpression that I've nicknamed more people
than people have nicknamed me? :P

Well, I shall try to do more blosts soon--and get Bridget to do one while I'm at it :P Briddy, dear, if you don't do a blost sometime soon, our readers will forget about your existence--and it'll all be your fault, of course. Actually--why don't you blost about that, Bridget? ;)

In the meantime, don't say more posts, say Mordor Blosts! (And yes, Bridget and I are slowly teaching you our language, one word at a time! :P)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Various random and profound lists

Well, my dear readers, do you want to know my hit list?

I suppose I shall take your hushed gasp as an enthusiastic “Yes!!!”

Well, here it is! :

In order—already attempted (whether failed or succeeded):
  1. Bridget _/ (yes, that's a checkmark...)
  2. Grace X (waaah! :'()
  3. Ella X (WAAAAH! *sniffles*)
  4. Vicki _/ ( :-D :-D :-D)

Well, as you can see, so far, I’m two out of four, which isn’t very good. *sighs sadly* Ah well. Eels are hard to catch, you know. They’re slippery. (Ella my eel, you’re slippery, did you know that? =P) And fuzzy wuzzy cuzzys are harder, too… like one of those cuddly panda beards, that’s what Grace reminds me of…not, not a panda bear… a koala bear! Yup! Gracey-wacey, you have a new nickname! Someone tell Gracey she has a new nickname, please… Thank you. And I THINK Grace came before Ella, but I’m not quite sure…

And now for the people who are next on my hit list!

(Insert drumroll)

  1. Rose (Yup, Auntie Rose, you’re next! *evil laugh*)
  2. Delaney
  3. Rachel

Aaaaand—that’s all for now!

Hmm… can’t think of anything to type… how about my list of Greatest Fears in this life?
All right, then, if you insist. But it’s not for the faint-hearted!

List of Greatest Fears

  1. #1. Snakes. And this includes the devil.
    #2. Spiders. All other creepy crawly sorts of things are also included in this category.
    #3. Tactful people. Just think about it for too long, and you’ll be scared, too.
    #4. Jehovah’s Witnesses. And we have them moving in down the STREET from us!!!!!! *faints in horror* It’s a good thing I have a lock on my door…but actually, you know, I think I’ll take up residence in the basement! It’s a bit safer there…
    #5. Math. Because it doesn’t make sense. Plus… it involves *horrified gasp* numbers! And it’s really just another form of child abuse, you know. What, have you ever seen an adult of sound mind and health actually doing math? Well, it was really the secret math police just pretending to be a regular, sane adult! Yes, that’s right, math police. And yes, they’ve fooled everyone for centuries. It’s not like math existed before they came along! What? Oh, of course they told you math was really invented by the ancient something-or-others! It’s all just a bunch of propaganda, you know. What, you don’t like being lied to and fed propaganda? Oh, but you’ll do it too, once you’re an adult. You won’t have a choice, you know. It’s a conspiracy all adults are a part of, even those who aren’t a part of the math police! And yes, I think I need to do a separate post about his… more coming up soon!
    #6. Being hugged by people I don’t like. And what, you might ask, is my response to this annoying problem?A. PUNCH! B. Run screaming and hope you’re faster.(Don’t worry, this probably isn’t you…if you’re reading this, you have to be someone I like. Unless you’re my brother, of course…)
    #7. Kisses. Because they’re slimy and gross, and who needs them, really? Yes, I know you are now secretly wondering if I’m really just a 10 year old pretending to be a 16 year old, but…..give me a decent, self-respecting hug over a yucky kiss any day!
    #8. Tall people. And why on earth is this so far down the list?! They deserve to be way, er, *cough* no pun intended, higher!

Well, since I can't think of anything else to add to this wonderful list, would you, my dear, privileged readers, like to see a list of the nicknames I have given people?

Here they are (somewhat in order, I hope):
Bridget = Twinny; twiplet; Briddy; Briddy-bird
Grace = Gracey-wacey; fuzzy-wuzzy-cuzzy; (and, just now) my koala bear
Ella = My eel; the precious; fuzzy-wuzzy-cuzzy
MJ = Liver; chopped liver
Rachel = Sting ray; stingy-wingy
Vicki = Jellyfish (but she didn't like it, even after I explained that it was a compliment); Vicki-wicki; (which led naturally to) my candle; Vickia; Vicksters
Lizzy = My blow-torch
Delaney = Deyla (after seeing Ella call her Dayla, so it wasn't really my own invention =P)
Zirka = Zorg; Empress Zorg, queen of the borgs

Aaaand... that's all for now. Woah, that's ALL? Time to give some unfortunate people nicknames....and why on earth don't you have a nickname yet, Rose? *horrified gasp* I must remedy this terrible error..... soooooon. ;)

So, now that that’s all over, do you want to hear the latest, earth-shattering, heart-breaking news?

It’s true. Scientists have finally proven that computers are really enchanted humans. Now, the problem that many are pondering, will mankind seek a way to free these helpless fellow-humans, or will we continue to use them for our own ends, ignoring their right to be free? Or will we simply remain in denial, pretending to ourselves that they really are just machines?
In case you, my dear readers, are in agreement with that multitude of sadly deluded nut-cases, let me prove it to you that computers really are (or were, once) human.

Proof #1. They get sick, just like we do. Yup, computers get viruses, bugs, and the flu, exactly like us!

Proof #2. They lose their temper just like we do! What, your computer hasn’t ever thrown a temper tantrum and crashed on you? Perhaps our computer is the only old, cranky one out there, then.

Proof #3. They have pets, too! And have you ever met any race besides mankind that kept pets? Animals don’t keep pets. They just eat ‘em. So that, you see, is conclusive evidence that computers are either humans, or an evolved form of human! (Scientists who favor the evolution theory are highly in favor of this second opinion. They hold that one day, all humans will be computers, and call the first theory the unfortunate remnants of superstition and the effects of telling fairy tales to children (they’re also in favor of burning all books containing fairy tales worldwide, you know).

Mordor on this later! In the meantime, follow my example, and don’t say more, say Mordor! In fact—don’t say “Mordor! Mordor!”, instead, demand “Mordor blosts! Mordor blosts!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some randomness and profoundness....

As we were driving home from Mass a week ago or so, I stared out the car window at the moon, and discovered a rather startling fact about it. However, this fact has been kept secret for many generations before I came to learn it, and so, my dear readers, unless you would question the most profound and wise judgement of so many of your elders, do not read any farther.

The secret is this.

The crescent moon is really the Chesire Cat's teeth grinning, not the moon! Yes, my readers, I hear your horrified gasps, and I mingle mine with yours gladly. We have been duped, deceived, for centuries! But the secret is out now. That is, if you had the courage to read it. Not that I am calling any of you cowards, my dear readers, especially not those of you who are armed! Far be it from me. No, I am saying nothing of the sort! Truely! My dear readers, I beg you, most especially those of you who are armed! If you are reading this, you are not a coward!

Thank you.

Not that I was frightened, of course. Most especially not by those of you who are armed. Certainly not! I was simply stating that little fact in case any of you were confused. Not that I'm saying any of you were confused, of course. Most especially not those of you who are armed! Of course not! I was simply stating that fact to clearify my own most profoundly confused mind.
I am so glad we have all these little details settled now! It is so good to make sure that we are all on common ground. Not that we weren't to start out with, of course! We were all in perfect agreement, most especially those who are armed! Of course.

[Warning--funniness over. Profoundness beginning.]

So, it's a new year. Yes, I love stating the obvious.

And yes, I did realize that that wasn't a very profound beginning, but I shall not attempt to change it, as doing so may hurt its feelings, and you all know, my dear readers, that I would never do such a thing. In fact, I won't even tell it that it wasn't as profound as it thought, for fear of offending it--beginnings are offended so easily!

2008 was a good year for me. Yes, I know gas prices rose above $4. Yes, I know Obama got elected. (Actually, I should have said that first, not second. Well, we can pretend I was saving the best--er, *cough*, worst, I mean--for last.) But for me, it really was a good year.

I changed a lot, and that was definitely a good thing. Not all at once, little by little. Looking back, I'm suprised by how much I've changed--not externally as much as internally. (Well, my hair DID grow longer...)

Now, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about what the best thing that happened to me during 2008 was is, I gained a 'sister'. No, my mom didn't have a baby. No, my parents didn't decide to adopt. No, none of my brothers married.

Yes, I had to go out and find one myself. How inconsiderate of everyone. And then she went off to college. How inconsiderate of her. (Just kidding, lol. College is a nessasary evil, I guess. Not going to it, I mean, having other people go off to it :P)

And actually--I gained a lot more than just one sister. I gained a lot of them, but only one in real life; the others, though I love 'em all, are all known to me only in forum life. And you know, it wasn't just sisters, it was aunts, neices, cousins, daughter, mothers--er, mother--and even a husband, an uncle, a brother or two--though goodness knows, I already have a bunch of them IRL--and even a son. Yup, forum life pretty much rocks. And Elena deserves a medal for starting the forum!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of things have been changing lately... I have more stuff going on in my life than ever before, which is kinda scary, actually.

Homeschooling group, volunteering at a nearby stables, riding lessons, though they're over now, waah (And I CANTORED! I CANTORED, I CANTORED, I CANTORED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miiiiiiiiiss riding, waah) and a new homeschooling group that meets every Friday (ever other homeschooling group we've gone to before has always met once a month, so this is pretty awesome)...

And calling two of my awesome amazing online friends on the phone, first Bridget, back in the fall, and, just a few days ago, Vicki! (Lizzy included, she came on the extension. Man, did that get confusing. They sound pretty much alike, and they're so hilarious... they're JUST the same on the phone as they are on the chatroom, only noisier. Have you ever had two people talking at once into your ear? ......Yeah. :P Love ya girls, lol :P)

Hmm...what else happened... I got my own family thread, that was awesome.... I DIDN'T get to go to the FTN get-together, though, and that was disapointing.But I DID meet Regina, at Marc's funeral, and I must say that she's one of the top 10 simply most awesome people I've ever met!!!!!! It was just so amazing, being able to meet one of my absolute favorite authers, and getting to pelt her with questions about the books! Forgot to take pictures, unfortunely. :P

Hmm...and I suddenly discovered that religion was more than a nessasary evil--er, um, good? Lol--in life, it's awwwesome! And interesting, and fascinating, and whatever other adjective you can think up along those lines! And I've discovered that theology is very interesting! (When you can understand it, of course. When you can, it's the world's next anti-depressant, when you can't, it's a major cause of headaches worldwide. Yup. :P)

Can't think of anything else...sooo...

I've decided I am going to publish one of my short stories. And, I found a fantasy and science fiction magazine that I'm going to try to get published in. (And it's called Fantasy & Science Fiction, in case you were wondering.) Now, all I have left to do is:

1. Decide which story
2. Edit that story within an inch of its life
3. Then rewrite it
4. Then make it as long as possible without making it boring, since you get paid a certain amount of cents per word
5. Calculate how much money you'll get if they accept it
6. Then freak out at the last minute and edit it some more
7. Then revise it
8. Then rewrite it again
9. Then repeat steps 4 & 5
10. Then have trouble understanding the instructions for submitting a story, and freak out some more
11. Consult my mom, who in turn consults various other random family members, who, of course, won't know what it means, either.
12. Decide the only thing to do is edit the story again, and hope the instructions will make sense the next time I read them
13. Prepare the finally finished editing draft of the story for submitting it
14. Waste a lot of time trying to do everything wrong, get a headache
15. Cry, scream, freak out, then realize that I was doing everything wrong, but am unable to figure out how to do it right
16. Waste more time trying to figure out how to do things right, search the internet for a solution
17. After several hours and a few throbbing headaches, finally find the solution and realize that it was really simple and the only reason I didn't understand it in the first place is because--well, just because. O.o
18. Do everything right, finally, with a horrible headache, and an even more horrible feeling that I'm still not doing it right.
19. Remember at the last minute just before sending it in that I forgot several key steps.
20. Remedy this, get an even worse headache while doing so.
21. Am now ready to submit story, am close to having a nervous breakdown
22. Reread story several more times at the last minute, catch a few horrible errors, wonder with a queasy feeling in stomach how many more horrible errors I'm missing
23. Repeat steps 4 & 5 several times
24. Submit story, collapse in bed, nerves frazzled
25. Wait to see if they accept it or not.

Yup, and I know for myself how true all those above steps are, since I've done it all before, back in...May, I believe. Yup, that's right, it was May. A different magazine, though. (I didn't get accepted, they said it was "a perfectly good story, but not what they were looking for." I wasn't horribly disapointed, however, since step 26 is: Prepare yourself so thoroughly to be rejected that you'll most likely die of shock if, by any chance, they astonishingly happen to accept it or something dreadful like that)

So far, I'm still only on the first two steps. And yes, the stress appears even this early, as my much-yelled at family can testify. :P

So, in case you're wondering, the inspiration hasn't stopped yet, though it's slowed considerably, but--prepare yourselves--it seems we've switched to writing about ghosts and ravens instead of stars. My fault, I admit it. I kept finding all these really randomly freaky and awesome pictures, which I would send to Bridget, and now we can't help it, we're being inspired by them!

And, before you ask to read any of these stories, be warned--anyone who reads any of our counter-inspired stories, short stories, poems, or songs is in danger of being ensnared within the writing spell, and picking up the inspiration! And yes, it's happened.

So, to keep from coming down with the writing flu, try this foolproof remedy (not tested it on animals or little brothers): Don't say more, say Mordor!
Dear Readers,

This an important and critical issue, and we need to do something!!!

Read this:

Request for novena/prayers to stop FOCA Dear family and/or friends - please consider joining the effort below. (even if only ONE of these were true it would be worth the effort.)


For those of you who do not know, the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) [also know as freedom to kill act] is set to be signed if congress passes it on January 21-22 of 2009. The FOCA is the next sad chapter in the book of abortion. If made a law, virtually all limitations on abortion will be lifted, which will result in the following:

1) All hospitals, including Catholic hospitals would be required to perform abortions upon request. If this were to happen, some U.S. Bishops have indicated they would consider closing down Catholic hospitals rather than perform abortions - more than 30% of all hospitals in the United States are Catholic.

2) Partial birth abortions would be legal and have no limitations.

3) All U.S. tax payers would be funding abortions.

4) Parental notification will no longer be required.

5) The number of abortions could increase by as much as 100,000 annually.Perhaps most importantly the government would then have control in the issue of abortion. This could result in a future amendment that would force women by law to have abortions in certain situations (down syndrome babies, etc) and could even regulate how many children a woman is allowed to have.

As Catholics, as Christians, as anyone who is against the killing of innocent children, we must stand as one. We must stop this horrific act before it becomes a law.


To say a novena (nine days of prayer ) along with fasting, starting on January 11th. For Catholics, the prayer of choice will be the rosary with intentions to stop the FOCA. For non Catholics, I would ask that you pray your strongest prayers with the same intentions, also for 9 consecutive days. The hope is that this will branch and blossom as to become a global effort with maximum impact. We have very little time so we all must act fast. Just do three things: 1) Forward this letter 2) Do it in soon 3) Start the novena on January 11th and pray for nine consecutive days. (Please also consider fasting for at least two days during the novena)Remember that with God all things are possible and the power of prayer is undeniable.
If you are against the killing of defenseless children then the time is now to do something about it!

Lord, may everything we do begin with Your inspiration and continue with Your help, so that all our prayers and works may begin in You and by You be happily ended.We ask this through Christ our Lord.

I beg everyone that reads this to please take part! This may be our last chance to actually do something for the innocent of the United States of America! Let's make the nation's leaders see that we mean business!