Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On the most random and profound subject of nicknames...

Hmm, I nearly posted the latest scene from my main story instead of my latest blost. Whoops! :P

Well, my dear readers, it has been far too long since my last blost, and so it is that I find myself sitting once again before a blank screen and attempting to form my deepest, most profound thoughts into words.

And I hope you appriciate all the trouble I go through to bring you this latest blost!(J/k :P)

So, since my last blost, a considerable amount of people have been given a nickname for the first time, or given an additional nickname, and I myself have recieved several nicknames. So, my dear readers, out of the kindness of my heart, I have chosen to bring to you, despite all the hardships it has and will cause me, an updated List of Nicknames.

Bridget = Twinny; twiplet; Briddy; Briddy-bird; evil-weevil-tweevil (this last one is an old one, but I'd *shocked gasp* forgotten it...)

Grace = Gracey-wacey; fuzzy-wuzzy-cuzzy; (My) Koala bear

Ella = (My) Eel; The Precious; fuzzy-wuzzy-cuzzy; Froggy-woggy; Cinderella; Cindereel;

MJ = Liver; chopped liver; MJaezy-waezy

Rachel = Sting ray; stingy-wingy

Vicki = Jellyfish (but she didn't like it, even after I explained that it was a compliment); Vicki-wicki; (which led naturally to) (my) candle; Vickia; Vicksters

Lizzy = (My) blow-torch; Lizzy-wizzy-tizzy-fizzy

Delaney = Deyla (after seeing Ella call her Dayla, so it wasn't really my own invention =P);
Trippy (short for triplet, not because she trips a lot :P); (My) Crocodile (Loooong story =P)

Zirka = Zorg; Embress Zorg, queen of the borgs
(Now for a few that I'd just plain forgotten as well as a few new ones :P)

Mirkwood = Mirky-murk (or just plain Mirky)

Scarletwolfgirl/Hatsuane Miku/Vampanda/Snowolfgirl (I think the last one is her current username, anyway :P) = Hatty-hat; Vampy-vamp/Vampy-wamp/Vampy-wampy (I know, she needs ANOTHER new nickname to go along with her new username...what an inconsiderate daughter I have :P)

Ana = Ana Banana; Ana Banana the foolish Panda (Ah, the strange and insulting nicknames you get for daring to chat with me...hahahaha :P)

Elena (I thought this one up for her a looong time ago, but I only told her it recently :P) = Mommy Tsunami

Cormariae & Christi (Lady Christina) = Twiggles (singular--twiggle. Hehehehe :P)

Lady Cathryn = Rinny-ryn, Catbath

LADY ROSE (FINALLY! Hehehe :P) = Roselle; (my) Rosette

And noooow...for the nicknames people have given ME:

(insert drumroll)

Ella to me: Lanta Claus; Lanta Baby (and I think she called me Lanty once, but I begged her not to again, and she hasn't, so I won't count it :P)

Vicki to me: Firefly

Lizzy to me: Firework (because I just "explode in happiness and weird moods." Hehehe! Love ya, Lizzy! :-D)

MJ to me: Lanta Banta

Grace to me: Sarry-warry (*gags*)

Zirka to me: Wufey (she thinks it's hilarious how I tell people I wufey them...she says it sounds like a puppy dog barking :P)

Bridget to me: Sawa; Thawa (Bridget, honey, a bit more imagination, please? Kidding, kidding.... PLEASE? :P)

Ana to me: Lanti (now you see the reason for MY nickname to HER :P)

Rose to me: Starburst (Because (word for word): "It's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of you... Bright, shiny, wonderful Lanta." Awww. I love you too, Rose :-D)

Aaaand--that's it. Now, why am I getting this weird inpression that I've nicknamed more people
than people have nicknamed me? :P

Well, I shall try to do more blosts soon--and get Bridget to do one while I'm at it :P Briddy, dear, if you don't do a blost sometime soon, our readers will forget about your existence--and it'll all be your fault, of course. Actually--why don't you blost about that, Bridget? ;)

In the meantime, don't say more posts, say Mordor Blosts! (And yes, Bridget and I are slowly teaching you our language, one word at a time! :P)


Trina said...

Well. I guess I'm just not special enough to have a nickname...
*pouts in a corner*

Anonymous said...

I like all the nicknames.

Angel_Horses said...

Trina--NO YOU THILLY I DO TO WUFFLE YOU! Hey--I could call you my waffle! Hmmm....

Hi Mairead! A new reader, yay! *happy, happy*

Trina said...

Yay, Waffle!
I shall be waffle.
Thank you, Wanta! I wuv you!!

Rose said...

Waffle and Wanta... *nods and grins*

Bridget said...

I nicknamed you Cruton a long time ago, Lanta, but I could never figure out how to spell it. =)
And yes, I do need to write something

Trina said...

I picked you to recieve an award! Go to my blog to get your "FOMUBA"!

Anonymous said...

Mordor Blosts! :)
Wuv you!
La Twiggle

The Other Katie said...

very creative nicknames. :-) My friends and I never thought of anything so original as far as I can remember. :-P

Anonymous said...

ya!!! I was in a blost!!! :D
:-* CM aka La Twiggle