Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Refusal to be Thrown to the Poats

A report of a most alarming nature has reached my ears. If I do not post - NOW - I am to be thrown to the poats. Whatever praise my Equally Fair, Esteemed and Evil Triplet has heaped on my name, I know that she MEANS BUSINESS.

So here I am.

To those of you who look upon the death of a poor, innocent girl by poats as an event to watch with pleasure (much like the Olympics), I do not know WHAT to say.

For my first post, I think an introduction would be appropriate. But most of you know who I am. Of the extent of my evilness, however, you are happily unaware. I think it best to leave it that way. I have just this to say:

When you open your door... watch out. I may be behind it, ready to jump out at you and start singing showtunes at the top of my lungs. HA HA HA HA HA.

Until some other time, my pretties.

And an edit to oblige Lanta: Don't say more, say Moredor.

(Lanta, whispering from the offstage: Give it a little more OOMF!)

I beg your pardon: DON'T SAY MORE, SAY MOREDOORRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

*dies by overdose of exclamation points*

And so, instead of being thrown to the poats and killed, Delaney disappointed everyone by dying in a very unentertaining and prosaic manner. And there was not a dry eye among the readers.

The End.

On the most Dreadful and Majestic Subject of Giving Readers Proper Notice of a Spectacle

If Our most Worthy, Honerable, and most Deserving of Praise Triplet, the most Fair, Unspeakably Beautiful, and Exalted Lady Delaney does NOT POST, she shall be thrown her to the poats!

Please bring your own refreshments.