Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been meme'd! Heeeelp!

So, my dear Auntie Rose ( has tagged me for a meme! This is the first meme I have ever done (as I’m new to the whole blog thing), so it should be fun! (For me, anyway. Perhaps not so fun for my readers…)

Link to the person who tagged you, list the rules, write six random things about yourself, tag six-ish people by leaving comments on their blogs and let the person who tagged you know that you've written the post.

1. I seriously just wrote an exclamation point instead of the letter one….um, ok, never mind. Let’s see, one random thing about me…
I have no blood related sisters, but I have four extremely annoying brothers, three of whom are older than I am, and NONE of whom have moved out yet! (Though one is going to. Now, why can’t the others follow him???? They range from 19 to nearly 30, and they all have loud voices…sigh…. But my younger brother has the loudest (or squeakiest) voice of them all, and is also the most annoying. And HE won’t be moving out any time soon.)

(Note: I have one ‘sister’: my best friend who I adopted. :) That’s why I said “blood-related”, since I consider her my sister.)

2. I write. A lot. Stories, poems (I might post some on here if you beg really hard… =P), songs, blog posts (haha. Like this one…), diary entries (though I really don’t do that anymore, and I always used to forget, anyway…). Writing is not so much something I love doing (Do you love your arm? Your leg? Your fingers?) as much as it’s something that’s a part of me. Just recently, I have started to renovate my main story—a rather frightening figment of my imagination that was born several years ago, and has grown to a bloated size (and threatens to become a trilogy, though I haven’t even finished book 1 yet…) and only continues to grow.

3. I love horses. Not necessarily riding them, since I haven’t ridden for probably around a year or more (though I’m going to be taking riding lessons again starting this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea, I’m excited. ), but just being around horses and working with them. I volunteer at a therapeutic riding center (I was just there today, actually) which I enjoy doing. (In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a stable where disabled people take riding lessons.)
I don’t get to ride, but when I’m there, I get a lot of experience (as well as having fun) working with horses: grooming them, tacking them up/untacking them after the lesson, taking them in from the pasture/putting them back out… And, of course, leading the horse during the rider’s lesson, since often, some of them don’t use the reins during the lesson, or if they do, they need help steering the horse.

(Note: Leading isn’t the only way you can volunteer at therapeutic riding place, you can also volunteer as a sidewalker—that is, you walk beside the horse, next to the rider, during the lesson, and support the rider if they need the help. Some of them do not have a lot of balance.)

4. I am catching the Civil War bug… (Though I think now I could be classed as having officially caught it.) It’s all my ‘big sister’s’ fault. (Lady Sarah of Shalott, for those of you who go on FTN, and just Sarah for those who know her IRL.) During our many phone conversations after we remet (long story…) last summer/fall (which of those IS August, anyway?), one of the also many things we discussed was the Civil War. Now, Sarah is obsessed with the Civil War. She has told me that she was born in the wrong century (and I believe her, haha), and I’m guessing (since I can’t remember if she actually said it or not, as I have a terrible memory) that the Civil War era is probably when she would have liked to have been born. Or the Jane Austen era. (Haha, Paul actually thought she was British—oh dear, I nearly typed Bridget instead of British…)
And then recently, Lady Rose made me recatch the bug, just as it was starting to fade a bit!
So, anyway, GO SOUTH!!!!!!

5. I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU, YOU RANDOM PEOPLE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Haha, bet you didn’t know that. :-D Ok, *cough*, must think of something serious… (I am really making an effort to remain serious, can’t you tell?)
Ok, got it. Haha, you elusive thought you, no escaping this time! Wait—what was I gonna say? (J/k =P Oh dear, what was that about being serious?)

Crocheting is my latest craze. The pros: It’s fun, simple, you can get tons of books out on crocheting at the library with millions of patterns, you can do it when you’re stuck in the car for a long ride, you can do it (Or I can, anyway…) when you feel like doing nothing but want to feel productive while not doing your chores or your schoolwork… (I do so hope my mother is not reading over my shoulder. Not you, Elena. =P) And last, but not least, you can (though I can’t) make many useful things! (I never do or make anything that’s useful… Not much of an idea why…)
Now, the cons of crocheting: your different colors of yarn ALWAYS get tangled together, you ALWAYS run out of yarn at exactly the wrong time, your rows stitches are only on rare occasions even, you can’t (well, I can’t, anyway) follow a simple pattern without losing track of which row you’re on, not mention what stitch!, your colors always clash instead of blending, and end up looking weird together (Hint: nothing goes with green, and everything goes with blue…), your finished fabric never looks like the picture, and is always lumpy, your ends won’t stay woven in, and stick out at exactly the worst spot…. and whatever other nightmarish crocheting disasters you can think of. (I can think of a few more, but I wouldn’t want to frighten you… Think horror movie stuff. Now why hasn’t there ever been a horror movie on crocheting? I’m shocked at movie producers…)

6. I saved the best for last. :-DDD (that’s an extremely happy grin, in case you’re confused.) I have a wonderful and mildly to extremely crazy online family on the fairy tale novels forum, one—perhaps a second soon!—daughter, an uncle and a brother or two, aunts and cousin galore, including my beloved, lovable and huggable cousins Ella and Grace, my new aunt, Lady Victoria, who may soon receive a second-to-most-awesomest-aunt-ever award from me if she’s not careful, and my absolute favorite aunt ever, online and in real life, Auntie (Lady) Rose (whose parents mistakenly named her Amanda…But she’s so not an Amanda! She’s far too lovable and unique to be an Amanda!), too many sisters to count, including my evil twin/triplet, Bridget, and my good triplet, Delaney, and my crazy and lovable little sister, Lady Lucy… And last, but certainly not least, my lovely mother, Elena, who remains—mostly—calm under the stress of managing an entire forum as well as the Rivendell family (she’s only fainted a few times…) and hundreds others whom I feel terribly guilty for not mentioning!
Oh, and how could I forget—my wonderful and rather wraithy husband the Witch King (well, ex-Witch King, technically) of Angmar, Cor Fearan—and no, he’s not dead, that was a helpless minion or else it was his evil twin who Eowyn killed… Not quite sure. I must ask him again, I have such a terrible memory!
Anyway, I love you all, real and imaginary! (Haha…I just had to add that…)

(As you FTNers may have noticed, FTN is where my inner craziness comes out. (Well, FTN and this blog. But FTN came first!))

WHY DO I ONLY GET TO DO 6?????????? THIS IS FUN!!!!!! *throws a temper tantrum*

Oh, well. I herby tag Elena (, Paul ( Ella (, and Trina (

Remember, readers—don’t say more, say Mordor!


TrinaBina said...

You tagged me!! I've never been tagged before! I feel so special! And I'm using a lot of exclamation points! I need to stop! STOP! Ok, I'm done now. Now I'm off to blog the meme! (darn I did it again. :P)

(Have I invited you to my blog yet? If not, gimme your e-mail so's I can!)

Angel_Horses said...

Haha! :) Exclamation points are good! :D

(No, you haven't!!! do you just want to use my gmail address? Elena tried to invite me to her fanfic blog with my regular email, and it wouldn't work. My gmail adress is :

TrinaBina said...

Ok, I'll go invite you now!

Lady Merilwen said...

*grins* I knew I would not be sorry for posting you!!!

Awww... I am so glad to be your favoritest auntie! I really hope you don't mind sharing the position of favoritest niece with Froggy!

LOL - I am too unique to be an Amanda? *giggles* Why? I mean, there aren't that many people who are named that. What do you think my name should be?
Amanda isn't my most favorite name, but I do like the meaning. Amanda means "worthy of love".

So I am curious, what do you think my name should have been, o lovely Lanta? (heehee, I should tell you the story of how I got the name Amanda sometime!)

Angel_Horses said...

Got your invite, Trina :)

Auntie Rose--I would be seriously shocked and horrified if I was your favorite niece instead of Ella =P I kill people who don't love Ella *evil laughter*

Well, I know a horse named Amanda, and a girl named Amanda, and I like neither of them all that much :P And Amanda isn't a special enough name for you!

"Worthy of love".... YES! THAT'S YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

I can't think of you as anything but Lady (or Aunite) Rose. Seriously. I can't even think of you as just plain Rose :P So i think your parents should have named you Lady Rose :P

Anonymous said...

Can you volunteerily meme yourself? If you can, here are six things about me.

1: I like to write a lot. I have successfully completed plenty of short publications online.

2: I don't like lawns. The idea of caring for a lawn is counterproductive. Areas should either be playing areas or flowerbeds. Either enjoy the beauty of life or live it to the fullest, right?

3: I have documented evidence to prove the moon is actually made of cheese. Cheese comes in a round ball, coated with red wax. There is an event called a Lunar Eclipse which happens every few years. A lunar eclipse happens when it is time for aliens to eat. Aliens only need food every couple years, but when they eat, they can be fast eaters. So as the aliens eat the moon, it disappears. Immediately after the moon disappears, you realise there is a dull, red moon. That is because God put a new ball of cheese up there. Now the aliens eat the wax off of the moon. They eat the wax because the wax helps regulate their food consumption. They leave the cheese to cure naturally and ripen in outer space fr a couple years before they eat it.

4: I am curious as to an explaination of why the sun has eclipses. Isn't the sun too hot and too poisonous for the aliens to eat? Maybe an evil twin can fill me in here.

5: I like to have a lot of fun. I can be loud and obnoxious at times. Just stay away from me when there are three touchdowns in the final minutes of a super bowl game and you will be OK.

6: I am extremely annoying. Or am I? I don't seem to be extremely annoying?