Thursday, November 20, 2008

Proof I can rhyme better than Bridget!

(Well, my meter is better, anyway ;) Hint--pronounce "Edgar" with the emphasis on the second syllable instead of the first (it'll sound much better) and pronounce "lol" as if it was a word, not seperate letters (like "lull))

A Poem on the Random, Profound Subject of Random Profound Thoughts

Random Profound Thoughts
Dance upon my nose
But what if it blows?
Away they'll go
I'd better not blow my nose!

Random Profound Thoughts
Curl around my toes
But what'll happen, who knows
If I wriggle my toes?
I'd better not wriggle my toes!

Random Profound Thoughts
Are eating Spagetti Os
So I picked up a hose
And turned it on low
And won back my Spagetti Os!

Random Profound Thoughts
Are pondering arrows and bows
They lined up in rows
I said to them "Woe!"
And threw at them Edgar Allen Poe!

Random Profound Thoughts
Hunt me with balls of snow
They won't cease and go
They only shriek "No!"

Why didn't I blow my nose?
Or wriggle my toes?
Oh, upon me is woe!
And don't you dare say "Lol!"


Rose said...


Mordor! Mordor! Mordor!

Anonymous said...



TrinaBina said...


Very wonderful poem

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Not that it matters, but you should make all of your "o" words end in "s" as in:
"turned it on lows"
"I said to them 'woes'"
"hunt me with balls of snows"

It would look kind of like a Silverstein poem but it would be cute.
Well, cute-er. It is a VERY lovely poem!

Rose said...

Girls, I nominated you for an award!

TrinaBina said...


TrinaBina said...

Oh my, and it's the same award, too! LOL! ;)

Angel_Horses said...

Haha! Thanks, everyone! :P And I KNEW I shouldn't have added that last line... *sighs and shakes head sadly*

Laura the crazy mama--That would look cute... but I kinda like it the way it is now =P

Yay! I get awards!

The Other Katie said...

lol! (I dared!) Great poem!