Friday, December 5, 2008

Please accept my most humble, profound apologies....

*Wipes a tear from eye*

My dear readers, it grieves me deeply to have to imform you of this sad news. Bridget is grounded, in a cruel twist of fortune. Why, I know not. But she shall not come here until many long ages (until Sunday, i believe she said, since she's then going on a retreat), and when she comes--who can say how this terrible ordeal may have changed her? Why, she might not post anything for weeks!

And as for me--I, who am your last remaining hope!--my computer was hacked, not once, but twice! and is now offline only until it is fixed, and who knows when that shall be. In the meantime, we are using our old, semi-retired computer which hates anything google and kills it on site. Once and a while, like today, the two ancient foes relapse into indifference towards each other, but those days are rare, and few and far between. So--don't expect to hear from me frequently. I am so deeply grieved at the pain I must surely be causing you. Please, do not die! I want you all to be alive and healthy when I return in triumph!

In the meantime, have fun trying to force Bridget to post :P And--don't say more, say Mordor! (Believe me, it will bring much peace to your tender hearts!)


Rose said...

*sobs* *sniffles* *cries* Mordor! Mordor! Mordor!
*sighs* You are right Lanta, it does bring some comfort! But it doesn't replace you two!

TrinaBina said...

Oh no, what a tragedy!!! What am I going to do without you?!?! *Curls up into a ball and starts rocking back and forth*

Victoria said...

*sobs openly* Oh my dear!!! *hugs her* Please post soon!!!

(And post something over on the forum will ya! I don't know what became of you in your last post on Rivendell!!!)

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