Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hello, everyone!
As of long last, I am finally back. (Or else someone has figured out how to hack my account.) For so long my life has been slowly wandering through a meadow, picking flowers, making shapes of the clouds and what not, but its gotten really busy of a sudden. It kind of started with NaNoWriMo. I pretty much lost my free time during November in an effort to get something written. Which I did, actually. I had around 45,000 words at the end; not enough to win, but enough to make me happy. I got myself grounded from the computer the last few days of November and into December (I had been a lazy bum, lol). The day I was able to go back on the computer, it was time to go to a retreat! I had been to one of the same sort last spring, so I had met some of the people before. The whole experience is really difficult to put into words, but I honestly think it was the best thing that's ever happened to me. All the people were really friendly and crazy, the talks were super great, (I started crying during like three of them, and I almost never cry in public) and Mass and adoration were just beautiful.
Like I said, no idea now to put it in words, but it was really moving. It was like I could actually feel God there, and see Him in the stories the people shared of their lives. I made a completely new friend, and we were pretty much inseparable for the weekend. I came home Sunday night, and I didn't even want to listen to the secular rock/hard rock music on my computer, which I've pretty much been listening to for 2 years straight. I'm down to some old Kutless, Third Day, and Casting Crowns, LOL. Go figure. >.> I'm trying to shape my life up a bit now, prayers are always appreciated. ;)
Two days after I got back, I got this random urge to make, get this, candy canes. We've never made them before, either. I roped my dad into it, and we finally started in the evening. My mom had to help since the candy was setting up before we had twisted the colors together. But we did get some pretty canes, though we ended up with a few broken ones, and some random bits and pieces. Now I want to make fudge and toffee, too. o.o Oh, and cream puffs.
And that brings me up to Thursday, today! Mom is going to Wisconsin for a week on the train because a friend of hers is getting her doctor's or bachelor's or something like that in.... something. Physcology, maybe. Which means I, poor little ol' lowly Bridget, have to cook FOOD and do the LAUNDRY for an entire week. And do all my normal school, I might add. Macaroni and chili beans, here we come...
Then in January, I'm leaving for a week or so on the March for Life. First time I'll ever be farther east than Duluth, Minnesota. And I might even have a teen bit of a chance of meeting Lanta there! *starts to hyperventilate from excitement*
Yes, readers, fear for your lives! It is one of the signs of the apocalypse, is it not?
So all this is kind of putting a crunch on my school, and I might not get so much time to be online. I'll try my best to keep up with the blog here, though. *salutes*
But if all else fails, readers, just remember, don't say more, say Mordor!


Rose said...

Yay! You're back! *glomps*
I wish I could go to the March for Life, but alas, it won't work out again this year. :( Hope you get to meet Lanta!

Write mordor soon!

Victoria said...

Welcome back!!! I want to meet you and Lanta!!! *cries* Come visit me in MI!!!

Victoria said...

I forgot....I awarded your blog something on my blog...go check it out!