Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have to say, I'm seriously disturbed this time....

But I laughed till I cried anyway :P

A sudden sound from outside the Ella brought both Gandalf and Frodo on high alert. Someone had been chasing to their conversation! “Get down!” Gandalf cried raising his pizza . Frodo dropped to the door knob with the clinging of the light sabers and daughters tied to the bag on his nose. Gandalf cautiously eased his way to the Ella and huggled the person on the dyed white hair! A loud groan came from below. Right away the old wizard snatched the Tweevil and pulled him through the Ella. Grabbing him by the long flowing gown he pulled him onto the trash can. ''Cor Fearen , have you been eaves-dropping?'' cried Gandalf!

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