Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the Subject of Obituaries, and Collective Noveling Insanity

After an appallingly long absence, and numerous threats from Lanta on posting an obituary for me, I have returned! *triumphant music*

I could summarize my life since my last post (which would be completely boring), but I won't bother. It can all be summarized in one word: life. And that pretty much covers it. I've gotten a dog, combined crops a ridiculously lot, had a birthday, finished one year of school and started the next within 3 days, and over-dosed on some really cool bands. I've gone to a camp, stayed up late most every night, and eaten half a bag of dill pickle chips.

And somehow, the blog got lost among all that. O.o My apologies, dear readers. I do tend to be quite the procrastinator. *blushes*

Oh, and a random announcement:


This year, all three triplets (and some unwitting others from FTN) shall be participating in the annual writers' suicide known as the National Novel Writing Month. Ah yes, the glory of putting ink to paper (or finger to keyboard), and finding nothing to write in your brain! The agony, the knawing of fingernails, the relentless November 30th deadline, the frantic midnight scribblings, the PROCRASTINATING!! All together, as we drive ourselves insane in our literary pursuits. 50,000 words by the end of November! Can it be done? YES!!!! Will we succeed? ..... who knows?! But we shall try! Wish us luck, and we shall try to keep you informed as to the state of our novels, and our poor overworked brain.

Oh, and a sidenote in order to hopefully prevent too much confusion, with our recent adventure on the family threads on FTN, I now answer to both the names "Bridget" and "Ranya."

And on that pleasant topic, don't say more, say MORDOR! :D


Angel_Horses said...


And here I was about to post your obituary! :P

Shaylynn said...

Its Anette! Awesome blog... :) Crazy and awesome, as per usual.

Angel_Horses said...

Hi Annette! :)
But of course ;) What esle were you expecting? :)