Saturday, February 28, 2009

For Bridget

The day of March 1st is the first anniversary of the day Bridget and I became long lost (and then evil) twins. How, might you ask, did such a momentous moment occur unnoticed by the world, and where?

It all started on a humble, unpretentious site called Boredonline. Perhaps you may have heard of it. It was the first forum I joined, at the very start of my computer life. I joined Thursday Oct 12, 2006, at 6:10 pm. (I know, sooooo long ago!) My username was Horses Rock! and my very first pm was from Bridget (whose username was Elwing).

Message subject: Hi!
From: Elwing
Sent: Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:07 am
To: Horses Rock!


I love your username! I'm totally
agreed on it. :)

My reply:

Message subject: hi!
From: Horses Rock!
Sent: Tue Oct 17, 2006 5:19 pm
To: Elwing

thnx! i LUV horses! (insert little purple smily face that
bounces up and down grinning)
hey, guess what... we r the same age!!

Yes, I used text speak back then, and my capitalization was not what it is now. (Actually, even after I stopped using text speak, I didn’t use much capitalization online for the longest time.)

Now, I am sure you are wondering that how, out of such an everyday, innocent meeting, was born a friendship that will one day conquer the world? And how did we, two poor, immature n00bs (yes, we were, I admit it) discover that we were really two long lost evil twins, separated at birth?

It took rather less than two years.

Horses Rock! wrote:

what were you depressed about, btw?

(Bridget had mentioned a few pm’s ago that she had been feeling depressed… no need to feel sympathetic and say “Awwww”, it was a year ago =P)
everything in general and nothing in particular? (it happens... but with me,
it's usually everything in general, and everything in particular :P)
once, when i was sick, i had this really strange, vivid dream that i
could remember when i woke up (i don't always remember my dreams when i wake
up) that would make a great story! i wrote the dream down, but i haven't
written the story yet.

Elwing wrote:

You stole the words out of my mouth. I've said "Everything
in general, but nothing in particular" so many times. O.o
We need some serious help. O.o
First you write a poem that I was going to write, now
you're stealing my words. O.o:D

Horses Rock!
Message subject: Re: hey!
Folder: Sent messages

O.o this is more than weird... i decided recently that my mind works the same as my
two best friends IRL (great minds work alike, you know :P) and now i'm beganning
to think my mind also works the same as yours... lol. like i said, very strange.

Message subject: Re: hey!
Folder: Inbox

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! My friend and I always say, "Great minds think
alike" too!!!
Yes, very, very, strange. Maybe we're like some twins
seperated at birth. O.o

Horses Rock!
Message subject: Re: hey!
Folder: Sent messages

that proves it!! (insert smily that nods its head)
maybe we were :P

Message subject: Re: hey!
Folder: Inbox

Yes, I suppose it
does. O.o I shall always be indebted to Bol for the finding of my sister.
(insert smily that nods its head)

Horses Rock!
Message subject: Re: hey!
Folder: Sent messages

i love that smily, don't you? (insert smily that nods its head)
we must pay homage to bol for the rest of eternity!

Message subject: Re: hey!
Folder: Inbox

I do (insert smily that nods its head)
Yes! All hail Bol!! (insert grovelling smily face that
flops down and gets back up and does the same over and over again)

Well, from two n00bs known as Horses Rock! and Elwing to two random, profound evil twins—or tweevils, as we like to call each other.

Thank you for joining me down this memory road or memory trip or whatever the term is. :P And, to finish, I have written a poem for Bridget to express my joy at our first anniversary as tweevils!

I am very happy
That I have a tweevil
And now I’m getting sappy
Because she’s eating weasels!

Don’t say more, say Mordor!


Rose said...

Congratulations on your anniversary of discovering each other! *bows and nods ceremoniously*

Aragorn said...

To my Sister:

Life must've been a struggle
Much losses and few wins
Before Lanta uncovered
Her long lost evil twin.

But Boredonline is silent,
we never see your face.
You seldom pay your homage
To such an awesome place.

But Boredonline helped you find
some other great websites.
That all helped to free your mind
from all the pains of life.

Angel_Horses said...

Eeeek! O.o

The Other Katie said...

Hello! I gave you two the Sisterhood award! Go to my blog at
Post it on your blog and pass it on (link back to me while you're at it please). You guys are awesome!

Post mordor soon!